Building Natural Brands

At Fluid Creative we build natural brands. We are a one stop shop for mission- and vision-driven brands that want to engage and convert natural consumers. Our clients include many of the most recognizable natural brands in North America. Our services are laser-focused on communicating your message and values to the “right” consumer.


Brand Development

From discovery through ID and logo development Fluid brings natural brands to life. Our process is simple and straight-forward. We dive deep and emerge with the stories and imagery that differentiate your brand and resonates with natural consumers.


Packaging Design

Your brand has less than a second to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s package design for completely new brands, extending existing brands, or adapting US packaging for the Canadian market, Fluid can set your products apart on the grocery store shelf.


Website Design

Fluid will help you tell your brand story online… from copywriting, to website design, development & social media integration, we’ll create a custom responsive website that’s Desktop / Tablet / Smartphone compatible, easy to update, & trackable with Google Analytics traffic stats. We’ll bring your brand to life online in a compelling way that’s easy to navigate.


Marketing & Advertising

Traditional & online. Trade & influencer relations. Sampling and coupons. From strategy through execution, we build and execute campaigns that move consumers to your brand, engage with them around your product / story / values, and convert them to purchase.


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